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4 Studio Art classes for adult

Information updated on January1, 2023

$ 188

Best to start! Perfect for adult Art-Lovers who have an idea or a plot for Painting and want to draw it in Oil or Acrylic paints.

All Materials you will need are included in the cost of these classes.


  • The duration of each Studio session is 2 (two) hours.

  • We draw in oil or acrylic paints.

  • Each Art Class session is a combination of theoretical and practical parts. ​

  • Classes are held in the Studio individually or in groups of three people maximum in each group.

  • There are several days to choose from for classes and different times.

  • Groups do not have a single task for everyone; everyone can draw what they want before discussing the plot with the instructor.

  • To attend drawing classes, you do not need special skills. But you need a plot or idea for your Painting. It can be a plot from the imagination, from your photo, based on the motives and means of inspiration of existing paintings, or you can start learning the basics of painting. But before your visit, we will discuss your idea.

  • ​You can always get into Group any day of the month.

  • If for some reason you missed a session, then by agreement it can be used on another day of the week (month) within 2 months from the date of purchase of the subscription.


All materials you will need are included in the cost of these Classes and you will have:

  • Canvas maximum size 16"× 20" or paper

  • Acrylic or Oil paints

  • Pencils and eraser

  • Brushes

  • Solvent, linseed oil, and varnish – if Oil paints

  • You take your Artwork home, or you can donate it to the studio Fund :)

It is always provided:

  • Easel

  • Chair

  • Stand for materials

  • Apron

  • Palettes (disposable plates)

  • Container: for water - if Acrylic paints / for solvent, linseed oil, and varnish – if Oil paints

  • Napkins

You will learn

  • how to implement your idea, your plot in a sketch, if you came up with your own plot,

  • how to transfer a plot from a sketch or from a photo to a canvas,

  • how and with what to mix oil paints, what they consist of, and what types they are,

  • learn several techniques and find your technique.


  • by check to order of Snowstorm LLC,

  • by credit card right in the Studio,

  • online by PAY-PAL or SQUARE,

  • you can use all 4 classes within 2 months from the date of purchase of the Subscription. If for some reason you missed one session, then by agreement it may be possible to use it on another day of the week (month) within 2 months from the date of purchase of the subscription,

  • after 2 months unused classes are canceled if there is no other agreement,

  • there is an option for an each-time payment for classes.


  • if circumstances allow you to come to class 5 minutes earlier, then do it! :) You will have enough time to prepare yourself and tune in to the Session :)

  • before the Session, I will ask you to put on an apron to work with paints to protect your clothes. Please draw in clothes that you are dot mind getting dirty, or maybe you have some clothes you don't like, or wear a waterproof apron to protect your clothes :) The paint does not wash out of clothes, unfortunately.

  • do your hair or take your hair clip with you so that your hair wouldn't distract you, and you wouldn't touch it with your hands in the process of drawing. Paint can get into your hair. But the good news is that the paint is washed off the body and hair.

  • ​Bring your snacks and drinks! :)​

  • Disposable plates, disposable cups, napkins, a corkscrew, and music are provided :) No ice. 

  • Must be 21 and older to consume alcohol.

About artist

Kateryna Metelytsia


Kateryna Metelytsia is a Ukrainian artist who lives in Austin, Texas, USA. She works on her projects in her studio. Due to popular demand, as a practicing artist, in 2019 she opened the doors of her art studio for children and adult art lovers. She teaches students to draw in oil and acrylic paints online and in person.

She has three art degrees, experience as a graphic artist, art director, computer games artist, and art teacher.

Now she paints, experiments with different techniques and materials, enjoys the success of her students, studies the profession of an art therapist, and plans to illustrate and publish a series of books with her illustrations.

With love from Ukraine

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