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With love from Ukraine


to the millions of people around the World who support Ukraine in its resistance to the invasion of the Russian Federation.

Many people have extended a helping hand to the people of war-torn Ukraine. But not everybody knows where to turn and how to go about it. Please use these verified sources to help and support Ukraine, the Ukrainian army, and the Ukrainian people. Your help is invaluable and what's more, very important. Your contribution really makes a difference!



  • UNITED24 has direct access to relevant information about the needs of Ukraine, so donations are used to cover the most pressing needs. The UNITED24 goal is to increase donations to Ukraine and ensure the efficiency and transparency of their distribution. The Official platform protects you from delays, intermediaries, and fraud.


  • Donating via UNITED24 is both secure and simple. 


  • 100% of the funds are transferred to the official accounts of the National Bank of Ukraine, then assigned to relevant ministries: the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Healthcare, and the Ministry of Infrastructure. The funds from different accounts are never mixed, and can only be spent in the direction specified by the donor.

  • The platform allows one-click donations to Ukraine from anywhere. 

  • UNITED24 is designed for collaboration with charities, partners, donors, and public figures worldwide, invites international organizations, companies, and private donors for cooperation. The platform is open for large targeted donations, on which the team can prepare separate reports in a format that is acceptable to the donor. UNITED24.

  • Donors choose 1 of 3 directions of support, deciding where their funds will be distributed: Defence and Demining, Medical Aid, or Rebuild Ukraine.

  • U24 calls for cooperation with famous brands, from toy and fashion companies, the entertainment industry, and professional sports organizations to the retail and IT sectors. We are ready to build partnerships that will become the talk of the town worldwide.

  • Providing platforms to promote UNITED24 on your media; resources and communication materials. This includes donation buttons, banners, other types of ads, newsletters, as well as other integrations that will support the UNITED24 Initiative.

  • Charity events. Auctions, concerts, sports events, dinners, ceremonies – U24 look forward to becoming a part of your charity events or for you to host or sponsor an exclusive UNITED24 event.


After occupation

70% of the proceeds from the sale of my paintings go to the aid of the Velyka Dimerska Territorial Community of Brovary District, Kyiv Region, 07433 in Ukraine, which was occupied by Russian aggressors from March 8, 2022, to March 29, 2022. Photos made on March 31, 2022. Click on the image to enlarge.

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