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Art Classes

Location: Leander, Texas, USA

Information updated on January 1, 2023

Snowstorm Art Studio is a woman-owned company specializing in creating oil paintings and conducting art classes. It’s a space with opportunities for children and adults beginner art-lovers to create and learn how to draw at art classes by a professional practicing artist with 20+ years of experience.

In art classes, I strive to develop sympathy, understanding, and knowledge about different styles and techniques to develop a deeper connection to your own creativity and imagination and thus encourage further exploration and expansion of artistic appreciation, interests, and pursuits. I created a curriculum based on my experience since I learned to draw from the age of 4, taking into account all the stages of skill development. But each student is growing skills at a different speed, and the student's interests are always changing, so I adjust the tasks according to that particular cast student's interests and strengths. I use presentations with images as a means of example, as well as short lectures. We meet every week to practice, discuss and explore personal artistic ideas.

Art classes for children

Unfortunately, now I do not conduct art sessions in person. But you are welcome to join the online group. I have a good background in remote interaction and I like that I do not touch your drawings and you can evaluate your skills by the result. For adults art classes are in the form of master classes, and for children, this is a training program for mastering basic drawing skills. Join!

Art classes
for children

These regular classes are for children who want to acquire practical basic academic drawing skills in acrylic, oil paints, and pencil.​

Art classes
for adult

These Art classes are for adults Art Lovers who who want to master the techniques in Oil or Acrylic paints and apply them on their own projects at home to confidently bring them to life.

Gift Card

Gift cards available for $108

e Gift card SnowstormArtStudio.jpg

By prior arrangement, you will have a link to select the amount and make a payment. Please check in advance if there are places available in the near future. You will have a printed or eGift Card of your choice.

Photos of the workflow

Process photos

Kateryna Metelytsia Snowstorm Art Studio.jpg

Kateryna Metelytsia is a Ukrainian artist who lives in Austin, Texas, USA. She works on her projects in her studio. Due to popular demand, as a practicing artist, in 2019 she opened the doors of her art studio for children and adult art lovers. She teaches students to draw in oil and acrylic paints online and in person.

She has three art degrees, experience as a graphic artist, art director, computer games artist, and art teacher.

Now she paints, experiments with different techniques and materials, enjoys the success of her students, studies the profession of an art therapist, and plans to illustrate and publish a series of books with her illustrations.

With love from Ukraine
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