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4 Studio Art classes for children

Perfect for children who are eager to explore the world of painting for the first time or those who may not have the resources or inclination to practice at home independently

$ 208

All Materials you will need are included in the cost of these classes.

Each studio session has a duration of 2 hours, providing ample time for instruction, practice, and exploration. You don't need any special skills to attend our drawing classes; they are designed to be accessible and suitable for beginners.

We primarily work with acrylic paints, although older children have the option to use oil paints. I also incorporate simple pencils into our lessons to cover various techniques and aspects of drawing. During each art class session, I strike a balance between theory and practical application. The aim is to equip you with valuable skills and techniques. To keep the classes engaging, I often infuse creative tasks that allow immediately apply and demonstrate newly acquired knowledge. Classes can be held both individually and of two people, ensuring personalized attention and guidance.

Look forward to meeting you once a week for our art classes, where we will explore, learn, and create together!


All materials you will need are included in the cost of these Classes and you will have:

  • Canvas maximum 16"× 20" or paper

  • Acrylic/Oil paints

  • Pencils and eraser

  • Brushes

  • Mediums – if Oil paints

  • You take your Artwork home - it's your portfolio, or you can donate it to the studio Fund :)

It is always provided:

  • Easel

  • Chair

  • Stand for materials

  • Apron

  • Palettes (disposable plates)

  • Container: for water - if Acrylic paints / for mediums – if Oil paints

  • Napkins

You will learn

  • Measure and compose objects in a format, value shades, study basics of perspectives and construction, and more.

  • Implement your own idea or plot in a sketch.

  • Transfer a sketch or a photo to a canvas.

  • What are oil paints, what ways to use them, what do they consist of, and what types they are - for children older than 13 years if there are strong skills in working with the palette.


  • By credit card right in the Studio.

  • Online invoice.

  • If for some reason you missed a session, then by agreement it may be possible to use it on another day of the week (month) within 2 months from the date of purchase.

  • After 2 months unused classes are canceled if there is no other agreement.


  • If circumstances allow you to come to class 5 minutes earlier, then do it! :) Kid will have enough time to prepare and tune in to the Session :)

  • Please draw in clothes that you don't mind getting dirty, or maybe you have some clothes you don't like, or wear a waterproof apron to protect your clothes :) The paint does not wash out of clothes, unfortunately.

  • Do your kid's hair so that the hair wouldn't distract, and your kid wouldn't touch it in the process of drawing. Paint can get into the hair. But the good news is that the paint is washed off the body and hair.

About artist

Kateryna Metelytsia

Kateryna Metelytsia Snowstorm Art Studio.jpg

Kateryna Metelytsia is a Ukrainian artist who resides in Leander, Texas, USA. She works on her projects in her studio. In response to high demand, as a practicing artist, she opened her art studio in 2019, welcoming both children and adults to practice and learn drawing. 

With three art degrees and a background encompassing graphic design, art direction, computer game artistry, and art instruction, she brings a wealth of experience to her artistic endeavors.

Currently, she engages in painting, explores diverse techniques and materials, finds joy in her students' achievements, pursues studies in the field of art therapy, and plans to illustrate and publish a series of books featuring her artwork.

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