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The Walls

The Walls

Kateryna Metelytsia

Oil on canvas on wooden panel



wooden panel 34" x 36"  (or 86,36 x 91,44 cm)

framed 35" x 37"  (or 88,9 x 94 cm)



wooden panel 15/16"  (or 2,4 cm)

framed 1 5/16"  (or 3,4 cm)


Weight with frame: 12 Lb  (or 5,5 kg)


Framed in 1 5/16" (or 3,4 cm) depth metal floater frame


Location: Leander TX, USA

  • About

    Clouds only seem dense like walls and rocks. The brave one overcomes fears and with an open visor goes to the liberty.

  • Technique

    The painting is painted on a wooden panel with canvas in a decorative style. For the texture of the clouds, I used the texture paste so these elements on my Artwork are volume. For the rifts between clouds, I used sheets of imitation Gold Leaf so veins shimmer depending on the viewing angle.

    The painting is not varnished.

    Framed in the metal floated frame.

Excluding Sales Tax
Kateryna Metelytsia Snowstorm Art Studio.jpg

Kateryna Metelytsia is a Ukrainian artist who resides in Leander, Texas, USA. She works on her projects in her studio. In response to high demand, as a practicing artist, she opened her art studio in 2019, welcoming both children and adults to practice and learn drawing. 

With three art degrees and a background encompassing graphic design, art direction, computer game artistry, and art instruction, she brings a wealth of experience to her artistic endeavors.

Currently, she engages in painting, explores diverse techniques and materials, finds joy in her students' achievements, pursues studies in the field of art therapy, and plans to illustrate and publish a series of books featuring her artwork.

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